The Law Offices of Louis T. Rosenberg, P.C. is capable of rapidly mobilizing its legal staff to respond to your legal needs with unsurpassed efficiency and professionalism.

BUSINESS DOCUMENTS: the Law Offices of Louis T. Rosenberg, P.C., is equipped and available to prepare any legal document you need in your business endeavors to protect your rights.

BOARD REPRESENTATIONLouis Rosenberg represents businesses, non-profit entities, governmental and quasi-governmental boards of directors with a successful track record of preventing litigation and promoting sustainable and effective operation.

  • Wills & Estate Planning
  • Probate and Estate Administration
  • Trusts & Probate Avoidance

At the Law Offices of Louis T. Rosenberg, P.C., we understand that litigation happens from time to time and we are ready to assist you if you have been sued or feel the need to file a lawsuit to protect your rights.


The Law Offices of Louis T. Rosenberg, P.C. focuses its practice in water, public utility, and related public law. The Firm’s Principal, Louis T. Rosenberg, is nationally respected and recognized as an expert in the field of water, utility and public law bringing value and expertise in the rapidly changing landscape of water law and public policy.

  • Deeds, Contracts, and Financing Documents
  • Easements & Annexation
  • Land Use & Grandfather Rights
  • Capital Farm Credit, USDA/Rural Development & Government Capital Financing

The Law Offices of Louis T. Rosenberg, P.C. is committed in providing the needed experience to assist city officials in running a city and performing required duties to the citizens for which the municipality serves.


The Law Offices of Louis T. Rosenberg P.C. has continued its lobbying efforts at the Texas legislature through direct participation in legislative drafting, hearing, and policy development in close coordination with legislators and their staffs.


Litigating disputes all the way to trial and judgment involves an immense amount of risk for each party. Mediation is better equipped to control these risks and helps each party see the strengths and weaknesses in their case and seeks to facilitate a binding settlement agreement between the parties.


The Law Offices of Louis T. Rosenberg, P.C. maintains a practice in construction law involving contract and other document drafting, warranty and defect claims, lien and payment claims issues and construction related litigation.

  • Local Ag Tax Exemption
  • Agriculture & Stewardship Easements
  • Wildlife Management Programs – Texas Parks & Wildlife/Agrilife
  • Generation & Millennials Property Planning
  • Groundwater Protection
  • Driving infractions
  • Drug possession
  • DWI 1 & 2
  • Simple theft & burglary
  • Immigration issues
  • Other misdemeanor crimes